From: Joseph Perez

Re: How to take down common barriers and make huge cash trading Forex.

Dear Trader,

If I told you that you can easily make $6,200 in the next 3 weeks all with an initial investment of just $100 would you be interested in learning more?

Or would you tell me to “go jump in a lake because that’s impossible”?

Well, if you’d say the latter, too bad: you’d be missing an amazing opportunity to grow your income – an amazing opportunity that you don’t need any experience to take advantage of.

And guess what else about this opportunity:

It doesn’t require hours and hours of hard work and research!
And it doesn’t require you to take any crazy risks with your money!

Just take a look at how many pips I made in just one week:

That’s right, I made 367 pips or $3,670 in just one week with 100% winning rate – and that’s not an isolated incident rather it’s been par for the course over the past couple of years thanks to the trading formula I’m going to reveal in just a moment.

But first let me show you more proofs that finally you’ve stumbled upon a trading formula that can deliver the earnings you’ve been desperately craving for weeks, months or even years.

Just take a look at how much I've made in last week using my trading formula:

And here's my lovely result of the last 2 weeks

And don’t think for a minute that I’m the only one making this kind of money trading Forex.

Look at what three of my protégés have done using the exact same trading formula that I use and that I’m going to reveal to you in a moment:

There's no reason that you can't have as much or even greater success than the people I just mentioned!

You know, when Ivan started out he wasn’t convinced that my formula worked. He just couldn’t get his mind around the fact that it really was possible for someone with no training and no money in the bank to make that kind of money that fast trading Forex.

But he did my taxes and he knew firsthand what kind of money I was making so this created quite the doubt for him.

Eventually, he came over to my house one day and flat out asked me “Are you really making that much money trading Forex?”

I just laughed. I could see where he was coming from, considering my lack of knowledge on the matter and my relaxed schedule.

“Yes, I really make that much money trading Forex and no I’m definitely not doing anything illegal. Why don’t you let me show you what I do?”

Take a look at this proof of what is possible:

From there, Ivan became a believer. We sat down and I showed him exactly what I do. The first day he watched me make successful trade after successful trade and the next day I let him make the trades.

He finished the day with a $769 profit on an original $100 investment and he was hooked.

We  fast became friends and Ivan eventually ended up quitting his job as a tax accountant and becoming a full-time Forex trader.

He still does my taxes though each year, just as a thank you for me opening a whole new world to him – a world where he makes over $27,000 a month and over $324,000 a year.

Well, I was just like you. I stumbled into forex trading when I was looking for something that can change my life.

I didn’t go to college and at every job I held after high school I was always looking for something better. Plus, the jobs I had, I hated them.

I worked as a cashier, then I worked in retail sales at a major big box electronics store, then I actually got an executive position at the same store.

I hated every single one of those jobs. I’m a dreamer and I wanted more. That's why, even when I became manager of a rental car agency, I began to worry.

“What if this is it?” What if I spend the rest of my life as a manager of a crappy rental car agency making a crappy salary?

I got really stressed out and really scared. May be it was an early mid-life crisis or something but I decided that I couldn’t continue on the path that I was on. I had to take a chance at living my dream life or else I was going to regret it for the rest of my life.

One afternoon as I sat on the couch stressing about my going-nowhere life as a rental car manager a local news interview program came on and this episode featured an interview with a local man who said he was making millions trading Forex from home.

I had no idea what Forex was but it sure sounded great and the guy kept saying that you didn’t need any money or experience to get started.

So I decided to look up the man on Google, found his phone number and decided to give him a call.

Man I was so nervous I was tripping over each word that I said, but this was a really nice guy and I guess he could tell that I was sincere, that or he just decided to take pity on me, but anyway he agreed to meet me at a coffee shop.

Looking back on it now, I can’t believe that he actually agreed to meet with me. It just doesn’t seem like people do that anymore, there’s just too many crazy people out there, but I thank God that he did meet me.

We talked over coffee and he explained all the benefits of trading Forex to me.

Here are just a few of the things he mentioned that day:

24-hour trading – The Forex market is a true 24-hour market. This means that a currency trader can basically choose his/her own hours to trade.

Low minimum investment – Trading currencies requires a lot less starting capital than day trading stocks. You could even get started with as small an initial investment as $250 USD or even $100 USD!

100:1 Leverage – Forex trading offers much greater buying power than day trading stocks, which only offers a 4:1 margin.

Superior liquidity – The foreign currency exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, which means fair prices and narrow spreads for traders.

No commission or transaction fees – It is much more cost-efficient to trade Forex in terms of both commissions and transaction fees when compared to trading in other markets.

Can make money in rising and falling markets – There are no restrictions to sell currencies short. This means that as a Forex trader you can make money just as easily in rising and falling markets.

Better for trading in after-hours – For example, stock liquidity is reduced after regular trading hours. Foreign exchange trading does not exhibit this problem because the currency market is open around the clock

Plus, while the Forex is a volatile market that creates huge profit opportunities, it also offers standard instruments for controlling risk exposure


As I left that day determined to give Forex trading a shot, the trader, whose name was Joe, stopped me by the door to the coffee shop and said, Hey, if you’re not doing anything, why don’t you come over to my house on Thursday and we’ll run through a few trades together.

“Really?” I said. “That would be so awesome but you’ve already done so much just by talking with me, I don’t want to be a bother.”

“No,” he said. “I can tell you are a good guy and I want to help you. I wish there would have been someone there to help me when I got started, things sure would have been a lot less stressful.”

“Well, great,”  I said. “I’ll see you then.”

But Joe didn’t seem to mind and what he ended up showing me that day completely changed my life and put me on the fast track to Forex success.

Joe told me exactly what to do, showed me how he made trades and I took feverish notes.

And with that, I went home and opened a demo account with FXCM. I practised everything Joe showed me for one whole month, taking the account from an imaginary $10,000 to $12,500. And of course, Joe was there to guide me.

After two months, I felt I was ready.

So I opened a real account with $1,000 starting balance.
Within 2 weeks, I was up $1,500.
And by the time the month was done, I had doubled the account to $2,150.

Within three months, after shooting for 5% profit each day of my new balance...

And this was no one-time fluke.

It wasn't luck.
I was following a PROVEN system thanks to Joe who was flying under the radar as one of the best forex traders who was crushing it from home.


There was nothing holding me back now.

I continued like that, sticking to the same money management rules, with strict discipline, and, within another six months, my account was brimming just under $100,000.

Sharing the strategy with as many people as possible is neither here nor there to Joe. It doesn't affect him in the least.

He can put a match to a stack of $10,000 and make it back in a heartbeat the next day.

I can snatch an easy $2,000 tomorrow with a 20-pip move in the markets.

So nothing... and no one... can stop us from earning money.

There's just too much for all of us.

Let me kindly introduce...

At last there is a proven effective, no-stress way to make consistent money trading Forex. This system:

easy to use – no knowledge or experience required!

highly profitable – and comes with a low drawdown!

safe – includes advanced money management!

fast – you can make money in just 15 minutes a day!

This is the system Joe showed to me, and the one that I showed to Dorothy, Tracy and Ivan.

You’ll learn step by easy step how to make money – lots and lots of money – trading Forex.

There are no difficult concepts, no complex terminology. Everything is laid out in a simple, easy to understand style that will allow you to get started making money faster than you could dare hope possible.

  1. When to enter and exit a trade so you’ll never have to stress and worry about whether you are making the right decision or not!

  2. How to ensure at least a 2:1 reward ratio on every trade you make!

  3. Strict money management principles that will ensure you steadily grow your wealth and never wipe out your account!

  4. How to make money in any market conditions, including up, down or sideways!

  5. How you can be a big winner even if you lose 70% of your trades!

  6. How to use pyramiding to maximize profits while minimizing risk!

  7. How to use leverage to explode your account balance in no time, even if you started with just $100!

  8. How to identify Forex trends – and capitalize on them for HUGE profits!

  9. How to limit your risk and increase your reward when trading Forex – you’ll be surprised at how easy this is to do when you follow these simple instructions!

  10. How to avoid the costly mistakes other traders make!

  11. How to identify which currencies to trade and which ones to ignore!

  12. And much more!


Massive FX Success contains two powerful, proven-effective systems that will allow you to rake in massive gains every day.

The Massive FX Success - Main System

The strategy is designed to follow the trends while trading breakouts that occur at major support and resistance levels. This special strategy allows you to enjoy on average 1 to 3 winning trades per day. And best of all, you don’t need any trading experience or expertise to use it! It is incredibly safe and simple to use.

The system averages an 87.63% winning rate (over the past few years) with a 9.83% drawdown.

It already has a proven record in different market conditions so you have no worry about its future performances. The system comes with an easy-to-understand manual that includes templates, proprietary indicators and an installer.

Finally, a Trade Assistant software has been prepared for you. With the Trade Assistant you'll receive profitable Entry, Exit, SL and TP Signals on Autopilot

The Forex System X

This powerful system uses high leverage and a large number of short term trades to steadily increase your account balance and is the perfect complement to the Main System.

This system is a great way to make steady profits while exposing an account to very limited risk.

With this system, you can also trade any currency pair, on any timeframe – and it’s incredibly easy to use! Plus, you’ll have 100% control of all your trades.

With this system, you don’t have to study and you don’t have to learn any special jargon.

My 74-year-old grandmother has used the system and made money and my high school-age daughter has done the same.

This system really does make earning money simple and fun!

Imagine getting up whenever you want... no more setting up the alarm clock... no more rushing to the bus or train station, bustling with everyone else to get on... no more panicking on the freeway when the slow-moving traffic grinds to a halt and you begin to think, “Oh damn, another late morning on my file.”

All that can become history if you want to. Let's eliminate tress and uncertainty and start making big money trading Forex!

Many days I wake up and ...

Just a few years ago, I was at a job that I hated and I remember sitting at work dreaming about being able to make much more money working from home.

And now I’m living that dream!

You can have the life of your dreams, too.

You can be your own boss.

You can set your own hours.

You can work as long or as little as you want.

You can eliminate your debts and you can eventually even buy that new car or new house that you've always wanted.

But you can’t do it by just sitting there. You have to take action.

Do you want to double your salary in less than a year?

Do you want to make more in one day than many people make in a month?


WARNING: This is NOT for You If …


You feel guilty earning a lot more than most people while working a lot less  


You can’t take a small loss every now and then – nobody wins 100% of the time but with the right money management you can make it where losses don’t affect you!


If you can deal with these things then you could soon make as much or even more money than I do.

You could travel whenever you want and go wherever you want.

You could stop worrying about how you’re going to pay the monthly bills.

You could finally get all those extras that you want.

You could spend much more time with your family without worrying about missing work.

I work an hour or two a day at most and I make $1,500 a day. Some days I even work for only 15 minutes, yet I still hit my daily average!

You could do the same. You could live the good life.

All you have to do is order now.

There’s no end to the amount of money you can make with Massive FX Success.

Setting the price for Massive FX Success was very hard for me. I wanted as many people as possible to be able to afford it without undermining its value and to be honest I also wanted to make some profit. I mean making money is kind of what life’s about right?

So I talked to Joe and he thought this system was worth at least $2,999.

But that just seemed like way too much money. I would be excluding the people I most want to help. I used to be like them. So I took that $2,999 fee and started whittling it down.

First I went to $1,999, then $999, then $399, then $299, then $199 and then I got serious.

It was time to determine how much “paying it forward” and helping out others really meant to me. I got down to $99, then $79 and then I thought what I was thinking??, come on I already said May day is my heyday right (actually everyday seems to be my heyday but well, I love the sunny May), so... I cut the final price to ...

... JUST $1699

But this is definitely a limited time price!

I have an order target in mind and once that number is reached, I'll push the price up to $199 or $299 or whatever or I just might decide to pull down this web page for a while to make sure we are able to offer high-quality customer support to all our new members.

When that happens, if you visit this page you’ll only see this message:

Please be aware: I am looking for serious traders who want to make real profits from trading... who are willing to learn and put my system into action...

So if you are a freebie seeker who just wants to get my system for free, please leave this page now - we don't want to waste our human resources and other people's spots...

And for my fellow traders that are willing to pick up this chance and make a huge leap in their life, here's my promise...

Making money trading Forex comes down to having the right system.

You’ve seen the proof, you’ve heard my story, you’ve seen what other people have done with this amazing Forex tool.

Now you have to decide what you’re going to do.

Are you going to keep dreaming about success?

Are you going to keep searching for that “Holy Grail” Forex product even after I’ve smacked you in the face with this one?

Or are you going to make massive cash using this laser-precise Forex trading strategy?

What would really hurt is if someone who's wet behind the ears... who has no experience and no cash... hunkers down and works this strategy while you're still clueless about how to even reward yourself with a part-time income.

Think about it... seriously.

Once you click the "DOWNLOAD" button below, I'll be on the inside to help you.

You'll be in good hands, and well on your way to making the Forex markets pay for the life you deserve to live.

Make the right choice now.

YES, Joseph! I'm intrigued at how you can make so much money from your trading system that gives you the FREEDOM you've always wanted.

I want to use the same system you're using to get BIG money from the forex market!

Special Fall Price at Only $1699!


Order online safely and securely..
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

--- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ----

Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for
instant access immediately after your payment is approved.

With that excitement and affirmation for a great trading result ahead, I won't hesitate to get my copy of Massive FX Success at the low, low investment of $1699 right now! …



Joseph Perez


Why try to make money trading Forex the hard way? When you can make tons of money the easy way - without having to study charts and graphs, without spending hours researching the market and without the worry and stress that accompanies most Forex trades? Order now.


I didn’t make my money by working hard, I made it by hardly working and what’s even better, you can now do the same thing and you don’t need any Forex trading experience or access to any large sums of money to do it either. Order now.

Can I use your system anywhere in the world?

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection, and you can monitor the markets at the most opportune periods of the trading day, you're good to go.

Does the system repaint?

No, absolutely not.

Does Massive FX Success have any hidden or ongoing costs?

No. It's a one-time investment only.

Can this work at any time of day or night? Or is this only for specific trading hours ?

It works both day and night on different market sessions. It's best used during the first 5 hours of market opening for the currency pairs you choose to trade.

Do I need to spend a lot of money to get started?

NO! You can start with a demo account, or you can trade with as little as a $100.

Does this system use stop loss?

Yes… all trades do. A stop loss will protect you from losing your account balance on one trade.

Do you provide support?

Yes. If you have any technical questions you can email us and we will respond within 24 hours.

Do I have to pay a monthly membership fee of some sort? Or will there be any hidden fees later on?

No, there are no membership fees and what you invest will only be a one-time transaction. And, no, I'm not going to surprise you with any hidden fees later on.

What makes Massive FX Success different from other Forex systems out there?

Transparency and PROOF, complemented by the fact that I insist you test my system out on a demo account first. Did you notice that after Joe showed me his strategy I opened a demo account to make sure it wasn't a fluke system?

Well, that's what I want YOU to do. That's what every smart trader should do before risking any real funds.

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